Grenada GED® Testing (HSE)

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GED Testing Service
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Grenada Adult Education Center
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updated 4/17/2018 - The Grenada School District has a GED® testing contract with Pearson VUE/GED Testing Service® for local GED® testing. Testing is conducted at the Grenada Adult Education Center (423 South Line St.). Seats in the computer testing lab are limited so register early.

CURRENT TEST SERIES:  The current GED® test series was designed to meet national goals for workforce preparedness and college readiness.  It was released on January 2, 2014.
     Please be aware that all prior subject area scores were discarded at the end of 2013 for those who did not passed their entire GED® test. Those who did not pass a previous GED® test series will begin anew as first-time test-takers on the current test series.
     The GED® test is given only at GED Testing Service/Pearson VUE authorized GED® test sites in a computer lab. Test scores range from 100-200, with a 145 or higher required to pass each of the four subject area modules that comprise the GED® test.  The "GED® College Ready" level (score of 165-174) signifies readiness to enter credit-bearing college courses. The “GED® College Ready + Credit” level (score of 175-200) signifies that a student qualifies for up to ten hours of college credit. The GED® test continues to measure the problem solving and critical thinking skills valued by employers and necessary for adults to succeed in the workplace and career or college programs.
More information about the current test series may be found at the website. 

SCHEDULING TESTING: Test-takers must set up, activate, and complete an account online at before being able to reserve a testing seat. Be careful when setting up the account. The legal name and date of birth on a test-taker's government-issued photo ID must exactly match the name on the account. If the photo ID is inaccurate, get it corrected first. Make sure you have a valid ID that matches the name on your testing account before testing dates. If you have a name change, contact the GED Testing Center Call Center (see contact info below) to get instructions to have that corrected prior to testing dates. It is important to only create and use ONE account at Call 1-877-EXAM-GED (1-877-392-6433) if you have trouble logging into your account or need to merge multiple accounts that you incorrectly created.
      Local testing dates usually are open online for scheduling by one month prior to testing. Grenada usually offers testing on at least two weekday mornings each month. Open test dates can be viewed through the scheduling option from within a test-taker's account. If testing dates do not show up, they may already be full or may not yet be open. (However, seats may reopen if someone reschedules according to GEDTS policies.)  
     Test-takers must come to the testing center in person to take scheduled tests. A maximum of two test modules per testing day may be taken at the Grenada site. If taking two modules on a single day, to avoid having to go through the Admissions process twice that day be sure to schedule back-to-back testing for both modules. The two longest test modules (Math and Language Arts) cannot be scheduled on the same testing day due to time constraints.
     Important information will be emailed to test-takers from the GED Testing Service and is available from within the account. Test-takers are responsible for being aware of testing policies and procedures available from these sources. This blog page does not tell test-takers everything that they need to know. Once a test-taker has not passed a subject area module three times, there is a permanent mandatory 60-day wait each time before he or she can retest in that subject.

TO OBTAIN AN AGE WAIVER FOR OUT-OF-SCHOOL 16- OR 17-YEAR-OLDS:  Those age 16 or 17 must read and comply with the instructions on our age waiver request form and have their parent/guardian complete and sign the form (click HERE for the printable form/instructions). Do a one-time set up of a test-taker account online as described above, then mail or email the completed parent/guardian permission form along with the required documentation to the Grenada Adult Education Center. The age waiver/alert automatically generated by the account must be approved by the local site manager before the option to schedule testing will appear in the test-taker's online account. For those with a Grenada County address, our front office must also get a verification form that the student is not currently enrolled in the Grenada School District, even if that was not the reported last school attended. By law, no one under the age of 16 may test. You must also send a copy of your valid (unexpired), government-issued photo ID with this documentation. Your testing account name and date of birth must exactly match your info on your photo ID.

REQUESTING TESTING ACCOMMODATIONS:  All accommodations requests are made online through the account at The process of requesting accommodations is now handled entirely by the GED Testing Service. Once requested through your account, GEDTS will contact the test-taker with instructions, forms, and/or directions for submitting required documentation from a medical professional. (Note that documentation must usually be fairly recent to be considered so note any requirements given on the forms.)

ON TESTING DAYS:  Plan to arrive at the testing site at least 15-30 minutes prior to the test begin time that you scheduled, so that you can visit the restroom, store personal belongings in a locker, then report to Room 12 and complete the Admissions process on time. The test time that you scheduled online is the time you should have completed admissions and be seated at a workstation for your test to begin. (It is NOT your arrival time -- as per the GEDTS email you received confirming your test schedule.)  Make certain to have an unexpired government-issued photo ID in hand when checking into Room 12 on the back hallway for Testing Admissions. Please do not bring babies, children, or extra adults to the testing center. (They will not be allowed wait here.) Exception: In-school GED Options Program students must be supervised by a staff member from their school each time they are outside of the testing room, whether on a scheduled break or before and after testing.

WEATHER/TESTING CENTER EMERGENCIES: Listen to local closings due to weather or other emergencies....if the Grenada School District is closed, we will be closed also and the GED Testing Service will reschedule testing after we reopen. The GED Testing Service will also contact test-takers if there is an emergency and any test must be rescheduled so be sure to check email frequently and keep up-to-date contact information in the account.

CONTACT INFO:  To call the Grenada Adult Education Center front office, our numbers are (662) 227-6101 or 226-7462.  Text messages (SMS) may be sent to (662) 709-7599 only during office hours (not a voice number). The office is generally open on Mon.-Thurs. from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.  However, the testing site cannot reschedule testing sessions, update account information, and so on. Call the GED Testing Service Call Center at 1-877-EXAM-GED (1-877-392-6433) on Mon.-Fri. from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Central Time to resolve those issues. When a test is scheduled, the Grenada Adult Education Center's dress code and driving directions to our location should print on the testing confirmation email.The dress code may also be viewed on this page.

DIPLOMA/TRANSCRIPT:  After you pass the GED® test, you may request your official transcript and credential. Keep these permanently as you may need it over the years. Once you pass your entire GED to request these documents, make sure that your contact information is correct in your account. Then, create an account to request an official transcript and an official Mississippi High School Equivalency credential in the mail. The first copy of the GED® transcript and credential is free. Afterwards, state fees are charged for duplicates.

VALID PHOTO ID AND TEST FEES / NAME CHANGES:  Test-takers must bring a valid and unexpired government-issued photo ID to all testing sessions. If a test-taker does not have a valid photo ID, he or she must obtain one prior to testing. If the legal name or date of birth on the photo ID is incorrect, be sure to correct it with the issuer before scheduling testing. The legal name on identification documents must match the online account at and be correct, so double-check the photo ID. If a correction or change due to marriage or divorce is needed on the account, contact the GED Testing Service Call Center (see # above) for instructions for providing required documentation to them well in advance of testing dates.
     The GED testing fee in Mississippi is $30 for each of the four test subject area modules ($120 for the entire test battery) and $10 each for qualifying retest.

DRESS CODE FOR THIS CAMPUS: Click here for current dress code for everyone on the Grenada Adult Education Center campus (including GED® test-takers).

Skirts or shorts must be at least as long as end of fingertips
when worn at natural waist and arms are straight down at sides. 

Also, please note that the GED Testing Service does not allow outerwear (jackets, hoodies, coats, hats, scarves, and so on) to be worn in the testing room. Please dress in layers that are allowed (for instance, short-sleeves covered by a pullover or long sleeved shirt covering a t-shirt so that you can be comfortable without the prohibited outerwear. 

FREE LOCAL CLASSES TO PREPARE TO FOR SUCCESS:  The GED® test and other HSE (high school equivalency) tests are not easy tests.  They are all based on national College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards and are academically challenging. When each version of the GED® test is designed, it is given to graduating high school seniors at participating high schools across the nation...and almost 40% of those seniors cannot pass the GED® test. The Grenada Adult Education (AE) Program provides FREE HSE test preparation classes at the Grenada Adult Education Center to help test-takers prepare to succeed. Weekday. morning classes (8:00 a.m. - Noon) are available. New student registration is usually held two times each semester and in late May (summer morning class only). Look for the flyer on this blog or call 662-227-6101 to inquire about dates for the next registration. Studying for and passing the GED® test can be a multi-session process for many adults. We recommend that you set your goal to pass the a HSE test soon and that you enroll in a free local test prep class at your earliest convenience.

COMPUTER DELIVERY METHOD:   Test-takers will take the current GED® test series at a GEDTS/Pearson VUE Authorized GED Testing Center in a computer lab.  Please do not be taken in by the multitude of scams, diploma mills, or other false claims. Sign-up for the GED® test is only available through

HIGH SCHOOL GED OPTIONS STUDENT TESTING:  Click here for more information.

TOBACCO-FREE/SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS NOTIFICATION:  In compliance with Mississippi State Law and for the health of our students, employees, and visitors, this is a tobacco-free/no smoking campus. Tobacco use and electronic cigarettes (vaping) are prohibited on this campus. This includes ALL BUILDINGS, PARKING LOTS, SIDEWALKS, PORCHES, AND GROUNDS. Donkin Street is part of this campus. Smoking/tobacco use is ONLY permitted on the sidewalk running alongside South Line Street, which is city property. The State has set a fine of $100 per instance for violations (smoking/tobacco use on school property). Violators of this state law must leave the campus and will be denied testing at this site.

WEAPONS PROHIBITED: Possessing a Weapon on the Campus is Prohibited by Federal and State Law. A weapon can be any firearm, ammunition, explosive device, knife, or other object as defined by federal or state law that can place a person in reasonable fear or apprehension of serious harm that is on a person and/or in his/her belongings, vehicle, locker, and/or any other personal storage space is prohibited on this campus.

SEX OFFENDERS:  It is unlawful for a person required by law to be on the sex offender registry to be present on a Grenada School District campus. Sex offenders cannot test at this site. 

GED® and GED Testing Service® are registered trademarks. They may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission GED Testing Service. The GED® and GED Testing Service® brands are administered by GED Testing Service.