423 South Line Street, Grenada, MS 38901 -

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FROM I-55:
Take I-55 Grenada Exit #206.
Head east on Hwy 8/Sunset Drive.
At second stoplight, turn left onto South Street.
Continue on South Street (towards Downtown Grenada), continue straight through the Hwy. 51 intersection (stoplight).
Turn right onto South Line Street at stop sign. Continue on South Line Street.
The Grenada Education Center/Grenada Adult Education Center will be on the right, just past the Boys and Girls Club, at the intersection of South Line Street and Donkin Street.

Go north on Hwy. 51/MLK/Commerce St.
At second stoplight, turn right onto Fairfield Avenue.  
Continue straight onto South Main Street at the stoplight.  
Turn left onto 4th Street (one block past the stoplight).
Continue one block on 4th Street to the stop sign.
The Grenada Adult Education Center will be to the left directly in front of you at the stop sign (at the intersection of South Line Street and Donkin Street)
Turn left onto South Line Street (a southbound one-way street) or go straight ahead (slightly to the right) onto Donkin Street.

PARKING NOTES: A gravel parking lot is available directly in front of the building on our campus (turn right into the parking lot from South Line Street). Please do not double-park.
On-street parking is available on both sides of Donkin Street (a westbound one-way street) that must be entered from the South Line Street side. Handicapped parking is available on Donkin Street. Please do not block the two Donkin Street loading areas (located under the breezeway and near the back of the building).
On-street parking is also available in front of the building on the righthand side of South Line Street (a southbound one-way street that must be entered from the north).

TOBACCO-FREE CAMPUS NOTIFICATION:  In compliance with Mississippi State Law and for the health of our students, employees, and visitors, this is a tobacco-free campus. Tobacco use is not permitted on this campus. This includes ALL BUILDINGS, PARKING LOTS, SIDEWALKS, PORCHES, AND GROUNDS. Donkin Street is part of this campus. Smoking/tobacco use is ONLY permitted on the sidewalk running alongside South Line Street, which is city property. The State has set a fine of $100 per instance for violations (tobacco use on school property). Violators of this state law must leave the campus and will be denied testing at this site.

The Grenada Adult Education Center is located on a Mississippi public school district campus. There are Grenada School District offices and children's services located in the same building in addition to the Adult Education Center. The following dress code applies to everyone on this campus:
"In order to provide a safe, professional, and pleasant environment, the Grenada Adult Education Center asks for your cooperation and compliance with the following rules in order to test at our site:
• Appropriate, non-offensive clothes must be worn at all times.
• No revealing clothes may be worn in the building (no exposed midriffs; no skimpy or excessively tight clothing; no low-cut or strapless or spaghetti-strap tops; no garments with holes; no see-through tops; no jerseys unless a t-shirt is worn beneath it).
• No saggy pants or excessively baggy clothes.  Pants should be worn to fit at the waist.
• No undergarments should be visible.
• No clothing or jewelry with profanity or suggestive slogans or drug references.
• Generally no hats or other headwear in the building on men or women (no baseball caps, brimless caps, headbands, bandanas, stocking-like caps, or other headwear).
• No pajamas, house shoes, or exposed lingerie or underwear.
Any clothing deemed unsuitable by GAEC staff is prohibited. The Adult Education Center will enforce the above dress code and ask those who do not cooperate with it to leave the building. GED® test-takers are subject to this dress code."

WEAPONS PROHIBITEDPossessing a Weapon on Campus is Prohibited by Federal and State Law. A weapon can be any firearm, ammunition, explosive device, knife, or other object as defined by federal or state law that can place a person in reasonable fear or apprehension of serious harm that is on a person and/or in his/her belongings, vehicle, locker, and/or any other personal storage space is prohibited on this campus.

SEX OFFENDERS:  It is unlawful for a person required by law to be on the sex offender registry to be present on a Grenada School District campus.

updated 12/11/2014

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