Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out-of-town and Looking For a Great Fundraiser?

Okay, just remember, we're not looking for local competition on the recycling thing!  But, if you are a school,  library, or non-profit OUTSIDE of Grenada...please check out  They provide free shipping collect and ship used printer cartridges, old cell phones, replaced electronics, etc. and get $$ in return.  (Or, businesses can ship directly using the free labels and specify that your organization earn the donation.)

If you decide to sign up, please list GLAD (ID# 104044) as the referring organization at the time that you register your organization.  We'll get greatly appreciated bonus points that equal real money, especially if they receive your first shipment of recycling items before the end of 2012.

October 2012 issue of "The GLAD Tutor" newsletter

Click for online version of the October monthly newsletter.

Highlights of this issue:
  • Report on GLAD's 26th Annual Meeting held in September
  • "Remembering Kay Townes" by Trish Hightower
  • GED Testing Service’s 2002 Series Closeout Campaign "Your Future Is Calling"
  • USDE Office of Vocational and Adult Education relaunch of LINCS website
  • Grenada AEC's Fall Session II begins on Tues., Oct. 16th, when new students may register for a free 8-week class session