GAEC Student Opportunities


adapted from Fall 2016 Grenada Adult Education Center Student Handbook

Earn Credentials (Certificates): There are opportunities for Grenada Adult Education Center (GAEC) students to build a personal portfolio for work/career and college.They have the following opportunities to earn credentials while actively attending classes at the GAEC.

National Career Readiness Certificate – (CRC) – The CRC is a national industry portable credential signed by the Mississippi Governor that confirms to employers that potential employees have the basic workplace skills and abilities that all 21st century jobs require. To earn a CRC, individuals are assessed in three areas through the WorkKeys® employability skills assessment system. As a result of the assessments, individuals earn a career readiness certificate or areas are identified in which they need further instruction. The three areas are (1) Reading for Information, (2) Applied Mathematics, and (3) Locating Information. In Mississippi, individuals have the opportunity to earn one of four levels of Career Readiness Certification (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum). To qualify for additional workforce training assistance and for employment in manufacturing, most programs and employers require achievement results at the Silver level or higher. All Grenada ABE students will have the opportunity to take this assessment during our registration process at no cost to adult education students. More info is available at

Smart Start Certificate – This certificate will be awarded by the State of Mississippi and signed by representatives from the Mississippi Community College Board and the State Workforce Investment Board. GAEC students will be required to take the Smart Start class and complete the coursework. There will be an exit exam before the certificate is awarded. The Smart Start Pathway Course is a 60-hour, multi-module course that provides essential skills training and knowledge that will enable the participant to interact effectively with others and enhance his/her career prospects. The knowledge gained will help the participant obtain a job and also to hold a job. The Smart Start content is broadly applicable across careers and job titles. The course covers topics relevant in today’s workplace; for example, how to communicate effectively, how to dress for success, how to manage time, comply with attendance policies, and the role of an employee. The course consists of lectures and hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts and skills. Students will participate in group activities and guided reviews. Smart Start is designed for participant discovery and self-review. However, the facilitator may evaluate the student’s participation and group interaction to make recommendations to the participant’s case manager regarding engagement, knowledge, and retention of concepts. This course is provided at no cost to GAEC adult education students.

Basic Computer Skills - Learn basic computer skills as a part of your adult education learning.

Mississippi High School Equivalency Diploma –
To receive a Mississippi High School Equivalency Diploma an individual must pass all parts of an approved High School Equivalency (HSE) test. The State of Mississippi now has two approved HSE tests (the GED® and HiSET®). There are multiple pathways to the Mississippi High School Equivalency Diploma. Each test has its own pricing, pass scores, and subject areas. Each test has its own website for student accounts. A person must pass all parts of one of the HSE tests to be awarded a Mississippi High School Equivalency Diploma using that pathway. Students usually must pay for testing fees.
     The Grenada Adult Education Center has a HSE testing fee scholarship program when funds are available. GAEC students who are interested in applying for a scholarship to pay for testing fees need to complete an application. GAEC instructors will let their students know when their TABE or official practice test scores indicate their readiness to take a module of an HSE test.
        All instructions for taking the GED® test at our location are still current ( and To test at our site, choose “Grenada Adult Education Center” from the list. All open testing dates that still have open seats currently available will show up online from within the account. Testing dates are tentative if they are more than 4-6 weeks out. Once you have a test-taker account, log into it each time to schedule testing, view your score history, print an unofficial transcript, update your contact information and so on.

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