Saturday, May 30, 2020

Announcement regarding June 2020 at the Grenada Adult Education Center

The Grenada Adult Education Center is reopening on a limited basis for the month of June 2020. (Not open during previous evening hours.) Practicing physical distancing and safety precautions are required.

No in-person classes will be conducted in June. Remote and distance instruction will continue.

Students may only enter the building by scheduling an appointment ahead of time. Students should call (662) 227-6101 or contact their instructor to schedule an appointment.

The building security guard will have a list. Only those with an appointment may enter. Do not bring children or visitors without an appointment with you.

Please wear a mask that completely covers your mouth and nose for the entire time that you are inside the Center.

Sanitize your hands by the front door immediately upon entering.

You must leave the Center and campus immediately after your appointment ends. Common areas like the lounge/vending machine room are closed.

No gatherings on the Center's porches, in hallways, parking areas, nor anywhere on the campus are allowed.

We look forward to continuing to help our students meet their learning goals during this difficult time.

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