Monday, September 15, 2014

"See for Free" Event Scheduled at the Grenada Adult Education Center - FREE GED practice tests available

The Grenada Adult Education Center will be hosting a public GEDTS "See for Free" event for adults at 8:00 AM on Wednesdays and Fridays from Sept. 24th - Oct. 3rd.

This is an opportunity for adults to take each of the four subject area GED practice tests for FREE during this period, a $24 value since each of the four modules normally costs $6. Participants will be able to tell if they are ready to succeed on the actual GED test. 

It takes about 4-1/2 hours to take all four subject area practice tests. Each practice test takes half of the testing time of its corresponding actual GED test module. The "GED Ready" practice tests are delivered via computer just like the actual test modules.

Calling in advance to schedule the practice test is required since computer seats are limited. Local adults may begin calling the Grenada Adult Education Center during office hours now to schedule their free practice tests for the Sept. 24th-Oct. 3rd event at 227-6101 or 226-7462. 

Participants should be at least 18 years old and already officially withdrawn from K-12 school.

Adults should bring a government-issued photo ID with them to take the practice tests since it is important that information on their accounts must match their photo IDs. The same account will be used when each adult eventually takes the actual GED test.

All "See for Free" practice tests must be completed by October 3rd, when the GED Testing Service offer expires.

The GEDTS "GED Ready Practice Test Guarantee" expires 60 days after the individual's practice test date. So, if "GED Ready" practice test scores indicate "Likely to Pass" individuals need to take the actual GED test in each "Likely to Pass" subject area in October or November to take advantage of this offer tied to their "See for Free" practice test scores. (We only offer actual GED testing two mornings each month and adults schedule online at through their account.) Note, they are not offering the actual GED test for free, but only a free retake if they score "Likely to Pass" on the practice test but then don't pass the same module on the actual test on the first try and only if it is taken within 60 days of the practice test. 

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