Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 "Teacher of the Year - Valinda Smith

Cindy Heimbach (left) shown awarding Grenada Adult Education Center's 2014 Teacher of the Year certificate to Valinda Creech Smith (right)

Valinda Smith has worked with the Grenada League for Adult Development (GLAD) for over 23 years. She has always volunteered extra time to the program. As the partnership between GLAD and Adult Basic Education has grown, she has taken on many new roles. In 2001, she became a GED Examiner and now is the Chief Examiner. This past academic year, she went above the call of duty. In the fall, she scheduled additional testing dates for our ABE students. In December, I think she may have had only one day that she was not involved with testing. This has taken much of her time. In 2013 with the new 2014 test approaching, she did everything she could to make sure that the Grenada Adult Education Center would be up and running in 2014 with the new test. She sought out grants to purchase computers and equipment needed for the computerized testing. This center was one of the first in the state to be ready to administer the 2014 test because of her diligence. She always strives to help our students have opportunities to test and to provide information to help them access these testing opportunities. For all of her hard work in the area of adult literacy over the years and especially for the hard work done this academic year, we are honored to name Valinda Smith our teacher of the year for 2014. 

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